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Stronghero3D PLA 3D Printer Filament 1.75mm,Galaxy Red,Black,Silk Purple,Net Weight 1kg Accuracy +/-0.05mm

Stronghero3D PLA 3D Printer Filament 1.75mm,Galaxy Red,Black,Silk Purple,Net Weight 1kg Accuracy +/-0.05mm

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Unique product design, 2 different formula effects in one filament, silk and glitter effects, black, red, purple,,silky smooth surface and glitter starly sparkling
PLA silk and pla glitter galaxy effect ,the finished 3D printed Item perfect for arts, crafts, DIY, etc.Compliant for many 3d printers
Printing tips: recommend heat ned 50-60°C, nozzle: 195-220°C, speed 25-50mm/s,rectration length 3-5mm,rectration speed 40-50mm/s
Better flow ,premium 1.75mm PLA filament. It has consistent diameter & roundness, less stringing and warping, strong layer adhesion. No impurities, no clogged, vacuum package with zipper Bag, net weight 1KG/Spool
100% satisfy warranty: within 24 hours reply,100% satisfaction guarantee, if you're not completely satisfied for any reason, contact us and we'll help you

Product Description

Stronghero3D Filaments,Variety,Advanced & Affordable

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Colorful 3D printing filaments

10 years experience produce ,R&D and selling filaments in FDM 3D printing industry,manufacturer seller.

We have silk,galaxy glitter,chameleon,rainbow,N2 and N3 ,co-extrude serials PLA ,PETG filaments, the feature colorful filaments mainly focus on the daily life of enthusiasts.Continuous innovation and continuous introduction of new filaments are our characteristics and our advantages,for discerning 3d printing enthusiasts.

Whenever you temporarily lose interest and enthusiasm for 3D printing, just search "Stronghero3D", look for our new products and your passion back when you see the new printing result.

In this 10 years, we still have passion and motivation to research and develop new filaments, your support is the source of our continuous progress forever.

Unique supplier in the world with a wide range of colors attractive filaments

PETGRainbowV2 PETGRainbowV2

Upcoming New filaments

PETGRainbowV2 PETGRainbowV2

glitterblue glitterblue

goldsplash goldsplash

glitter green glitter green

Q&A 1 ,Tangle ,Knot

Tangle Tangle

Is the brand prone to tangle issue?

We can find many examples and pictures of tangled filament issues on the Internet. Obviously, tangled does not belong to individual manufacturers.

Tangles in the factory?

To a lot of beginners, it makes sense that if your 3D print started okay and then halfway through your 3D print stopped extruding and you notice a tangle in the filament, that there must have been a tangle in the middle of the spool and the manufacturer caused your print to fail.

Filament is never welded together to fill up a spool if it runs short, it just gets chopped up and added to the next batch, so once one end is wrapped into a spool, the filament is never broken from extruder to spool. Take a piece of string and hold both ends; one end represents the filament coming out of the extruder, the other represents the filament that is already wound on the spool. Now, try to make a knot without ever letting go of either end. It’s just not possible. So from the manufacturer, filament cannot get tangled in the center of a spool.

How do they really happen?

For example, when you take the filament off of the printer without maintaining tension, inadvertently it slips to the coil and mess with strings, you take a while to find the end and pick it up then inject to extruder. In this process, foreshadowing of tangled has been laid and printing hours later, as the tension gets tighter ,the filament stucks ,printing stops.

Tips to Prevent It

(1)When you're done 3D printing, snap the end of the thread into the slot on the edge of the spool,never let the end of filament free of spool.

(2)If you accidentally slip the end of the filament into the coil string bunch, don't take the time to find it, unwind some of the coil out until the tangled solved, then wind the coil back to spool.

(3)There are some clips design to avoid tangled, try it .

Q&A 2 , Jams,block,clog

jams jams

Are the multi-colored filaments of this brand prone to clogging the nozzles?

Hotend clog is no funy!

Almost every user will encounter the problem of clog, and it is one of the items that make users pay the most attention to . It seems that the after-sales service personnel of every 3D printer manufacturer like to shirk their responsibilities,the problem lies in the filaments and has nothing to do with the machine, recommended that you use our official filaments to avoid it.

As a 3D printing user with many years of experience can tell when a clog occurs, whether the problem is from the filament or the machine.If it comes from filament, the lump on its surface will block in the PTFE tube, and the filament cannot be pulled out from the tube at all. If keep jams are encountered, it is strongly recommended that the PTFE tubing be replaced and properly installed.

The probability of problems with PTFE tube is much higher than that of nozzle, because PTFE is a polymer not metal. Although the temperature resistance can reach 260 degrees, long-term work above 200 degrees will cause its performance to decline greatly.

Stronghero3D produce filaments, laser calipers are far from enough. In order to detect the diameter bumps on the filaments, we make the filament will be passed through a metal block with a diameter of 1.9mm hole. Each diameter bump will cause an alarm, and we will pick out this roll. Due to wear and tear, the metal blocks will have to be replaced every short period of time. This production process greatly reduces the filament diameter bump problem.

Tips for recommend,

(1)Printing PLA ,although PTFE tube will have problems with long-term use, it is still the best method at this stage, because the hotend of all metal does not seem to be compatible with PLA.

(2)Replacing the PTFE tube, the cut surface must be flush at 90 degrees, install the nozzle first, leave half a circle untightened, insert the PTFE pipe, and finally squeeze the nozzle tightly.

QA 3. Different main image with real one ?

different different

Will the product description main picture of Stronghero3D not match the actual product?

Standardization is one of the principles of factory production, and each factory must follow and strictly implement it.

As a professional manufacturer of filaments, Stronghero3D strictly implements requirements such as filament diameter, length, weight, color matching, etc. The independent quality inspection department will distinguish qualified and unqualified products, and the inspection department will conduct 3D printing tests on materials and In contrast, even so, there is a very small probability that customers will receive non-conforming products.

However, multi-color products still have their special and difficult points.

(1) The scale of the industry is small, only 100-300 products are produced in each batch, and there are slight differences between different batches; All may make the product look different.Different color mix handling strategies from the beginning of each batch to stabilization and the end of each batch can make the product look different.

(2) There are many product styles, we have as many as 100 multi-color products, and the machine is always switching colors frequently.

(3) When multi-color products are melt-flow extruded in the extruder, the melt and color, generating randomness in chemical-molecular-fluid blendingare.

(4) It is difficult for multi-color products to achieve the same standards as single-color products, not only in the 3D printing industry, but also in traditional industries.

Likewise, we must also see that

(1) The majority of users are non-professional users who lack experience and industry training, and their evaluation of products mostly comes from personal preference rather than professional knowledge.

(2) I believe that if you often print models, you will have a feeling that on different machines, different models, the size of the model, the placement of the model, even if you change the nozzle or some parts of the machine, even different mobile phones taking photos. The final effect of the photos and models are not the same, and the seller's product description picture does not seem to be the same.

We believe that there are many styles of multi-color products, and the preferences of users are also different. It is recommended that you try a few more first, and the one that matches your own aesthetic is the best which not other's favorite.

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